Trump Rallies in Philadelphia, Criticizes Biden and Media

PHILADELPHIA, June 24, 2024 — Former President Donald Trump continued his tour of traditionally Democratic cities with a large rally in Philadelphia over the weekend. The rally drew significant attention both inside and outside the venue, with Trump even making an impromptu visit to a local cheesesteak shop.

Trump’s campaign claims that the enthusiasm for the former president is unprecedented for a Republican candidate in traditionally Democratic areas. This follows similar events in the Bronx and Detroit, where Trump also drew sizable crowds.

In his address, Trump criticized President Joe Biden and the media. He accused CNN of censorship, claiming that his campaign’s National Press Secretary, Karoline Leavitt, had her microphone cut during a CNN appearance when she called the network biased.

Trump also revisited a longstanding controversy, labeling Biden’s campaign as dishonest. He referenced Biden’s comments from 2019, which he described as the “very fine people” hoax, a claim that has been widely debated. Trump cited a recent Snopes article, which stated that Trump had condemned neo-Nazis and white supremacists in the same speech, to bolster his argument.

The rally took a darker turn when Trump discussed crime related to immigration policies. He highlighted a recent incident involving an illegal immigrant accused of raping a 13-year-old girl, blaming Biden’s border policies for the crime.

On election integrity, Trump’s campaign emphasized their efforts to ensure a secure voting process. Lara Trump, RNC Co-Chair, outlined their strategies, including legal battles and training for poll watchers and workers. She accused Democrats of undermining these efforts with bad-faith attacks.

Trump also promoted his proposal to eliminate taxes on tips, a message he believes resonates strongly with Philadelphia’s working-class population.

The press release from Trump’s campaign also included a segment titled “Biden Lies,” in which they refuted various statements made by Biden on the economy and border security. They claimed that Biden has misled the public on job creation, inflation rates, gas prices, income levels, and the national debt.

The former president’s rapid response team plans to continue highlighting what they call Biden’s falsehoods in the lead-up to the next debate.

Fact Check

  1. Enthusiasm in Democratic Cities: While Trump’s rallies in traditionally Democratic areas have drawn crowds, the claim that this level of enthusiasm is unprecedented for a Republican candidate lacks substantial evidence and requires more context and data for validation.
  2. CNN Censorship: The claim that Karoline Leavitt’s microphone was cut due to calling CNN biased cannot be independently verified without access to the full segment and context of the broadcast.
  3. “Very Fine People” Hoax: The statement about Snopes debunking the claim aligns with Snopes’ analysis, which confirms that Trump did say neo-Nazis and white supremacists should be “condemned totally.”
  4. Crime and Immigration: Linking a specific crime to broader immigration policy is a complex issue that requires careful consideration of various factors. The incident mentioned is factual, but attributing it solely to Biden’s policies is a political stance rather than an objective fact.
  5. Election Integrity Efforts: The details provided by Lara Trump about the RNC’s election integrity measures are accurate as reported by The Detroit News. However, the claim that Democrats oppose these efforts purely to undermine democracy is a partisan interpretation.
  6. Economic and Border Security Claims: Many of the claims about Biden’s statements on the economy and border security are disputed and require context. For instance, job creation statistics can be interpreted differently depending on the baseline used, and inflation rates have fluctuated due to multiple factors, including the pandemic.


Trump’s rally in Philadelphia underscores his strategy to mobilize support in traditionally Democratic strongholds while maintaining a strong critique of Biden and the media. While some claims in the press release align with verified information, others reflect partisan interpretations and require further context for a comprehensive understanding.

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