Three Women Arrested for Kidnapping Seven-Year-Old from Indianapolis

Written from ISP press release:

INDIANAPOLIS — June 25, 2024

Indiana State Police detectives have arrested three women in connection with the kidnapping of a seven-year-old child from Indianapolis. The child has been located safely in Texas and is currently with child protective services, awaiting reunification with the father.

On June 24 at 7:00 p.m., Indiana State Police detectives in the Indianapolis District were contacted regarding an alleged child abduction. The case, described as complex and spanning multiple jurisdictions, prompted investigators to follow leads provided by the child’s father immediately.

The detectives worked through the night and determined that the seven-year-old was with their biological mother, who does not have legal custody, in Fort Worth, Texas. Indiana State Police coordinated with Fort Worth Police Officers, who located the child and arrested the mother, Brandy Clark, 43.

Investigators revealed that two adult half-sisters of the child conspired with Clark to plan and execute the abduction. The two women, Sydney Rochez, 26, and Symone Bailey, 25, convinced their father, who is also the father of the seven-year-old, that they were taking the child to an amusement park in southern Indiana. On June 19, Rochez and Bailey picked up the child from their father’s house in Indianapolis, with plans to visit the park the next day. Detectives discovered that this was a ruse. Instead, Rochez and Bailey took the child to Missouri, where the child then boarded a plane with Clark and flew to Texas.

When the child’s father contacted Rochez and Bailey, they claimed that while they were at the amusement park, the child’s mother arrived and took the child from them. They told their father that they believed the mother had seen a post on social media indicating the child’s location. Detectives later discovered that this social media post was part of their abduction plan, and the women had created a fictitious post as part of their collaboration with Clark.

Brandy Clark was arrested in Texas and faces kidnapping charges. Sydney Rochez and Symone Bailey were arrested in Indiana by Indiana State Troopers and face preliminary charges of kidnapping.

All crimes mentioned in this release are alleged, and all suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. This investigation is ongoing, and the information provided is preliminary.

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