Press release: Bernie Sanders on NY-16 Congressional Primary Election Results

The following press release was sent to the Bloomingtonian:

NEWS: Sanders on NY-16 Congressional Primary Election Results 

June 26, 2024

WASHINGTON – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today released the following statement about the results of the NY-16 Congressional primary election:

In the NY-16 district election, Jamaal Bowman received 84% of the vote in the Bronx, a working class area. He did poorly in the suburbs of Westchester and ended up with 42%.

The pundits will draw their conclusions about this race. Here’s mine:

It is an outrage and an insult to democracy that we maintain a corrupt campaign finance system which allows billionaire-funded super PACs to buy elections. AIPAC and other super PACs spent over $23 million to defeat Bowman. He spent $3 million. That is a spending gap which is virtually impossible to overcome.  

It is not a coincidence that with our corrupt campaign finance system we also have a rigged economy that allows the very rich to get much richer while many working people are falling further behind. Big Money buys politicians who will do their bidding, and the results are clear.

We must overturn the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Buying elections is not “freedom of speech.” We must also move to the public funding of elections. Campaigns should be about a clash of ideas, not which candidate can raise more money from the oligarchs.


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