Biden’s Debate Performance Sparks Mixed Reactions; Some Urge Him to Step Down

Staff report

Red Bank, NJ (June 30, 2024) – President Joe Biden faced a wave of mixed reactions following his recent debate performance, prompting some within his own party to allegedly call for him to step down from the 2024 presidential race against former President Donald Trump.

However, Democrat Rep. Nanci Pelosi said she doesn’t know what Democrats are calling for Biden to step down, and Democrat Sen. John Fetterman called an ‘abandon Biden,’ campaign by progressives, ‘the dumbest shit’ he’s ever heard.

During a campaign reception at a private residence in Red Bank, New Jersey, Biden acknowledged that his debate performance was not his best, comparing it to former President Barack Obama’s experience. “I understand the concern after the debate. I get it. I didn’t have a great night. But I’m going to be fighting harder and going to need you with me to get it done,” Biden said.

Despite the self-critique, Biden’s campaign reported a significant fundraising boost, with $27 million raised since the debate. Polling data also showed little movement, with some polls indicating a slight uptick in support for Biden. “Since the debate, the polls show little movement and even have me up a couple points,” Biden stated, emphasizing that voters had a different reaction compared to pundits.

However, the president’s debate performance has reignited concerns about his age and vigor. Biden, now 81, acknowledged these concerns but reaffirmed his commitment to the race. “I would not be running again if I didn’t think I had the heart and soul to get this job done. I know I don’t walk as quickly as I used to, even though I’m only 40,” he joked, before adding, “But I know how to tell the truth. I know right from wrong. I know how to do this job.”

In his speech, Biden continued to criticize Trump, highlighting the former president’s conduct on January 6th, his handling of veterans’ affairs, and his stance on key issues like abortion. Biden described Trump as a “genuine threat to the nation,” citing his focus on “revenge and retribution” as opposed to building a hopeful and optimistic future.

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