Monroe County GOP Chairwoman Taylor Bryant Announces Resignation; Cites Lack of Affordable Housing Options in Monroe County

Staff report

Bloomington, Indiana – June 30, 2024

Monroe County GOP Chairwoman Taylor Bryant has announced her decision to step down from her position, effective July 25th, citing the lack of affordable housing options in Monroe County as the primary reason for her departure.

In a statement released on June 30th, Bryant reflected on her eight years of service to the Monroe County Republican Party, which began when she was just 13 years old. Over the years, she has held various roles within the party, including Political Director, Vice Chairwoman, and ultimately Chairwoman at the age of 18, making her the youngest county Chair in the nation.

“A lot has happened during my tenure as Chairwoman. We have campaigned hard, had fun, made connections, and even lost a few members along the way. It has been an honor to serve this party and all of you,” Bryant stated.

Bryant emphasized the difficulty of her decision, particularly in the midst of an election cycle, but expressed confidence in the party’s ability to continue its work without her. She endorsed Vice Chairman William Ellis to succeed her, stating that he is well-equipped to maintain continuity for the candidates in the upcoming elections.

“It is imperative that we continue our forward progress in electing Joe Vandeventer and Randy Cassady for County Commissioner, as well as Dave Hall for State Representative. Monroe County has become too unaffordable for the people who have lived here their entire lives, like myself, and we must elect leaders who can change that,” Bryant said.

Bryant assured party members that she would remain active as a volunteer and continue to support the GOP’s efforts in Monroe County. “I believe the best is yet to come for Monroe County, and I will always be cheering you on,” she concluded.

The Monroe County Republican Party will now look to Ellis to lead them through the remainder of Bryant’s term and the crucial months leading up to the elections.

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