Monroe County Offices Shut Down Amid Computer Issues

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Bloomington, IN (July 2, 2024) – Monroe County government offices have been experiencing significant disruptions due to unexplained computer issues, leading to a shutdown of county services this week. The situation began to unfold on Monday when an alert was sent out, notifying the public of the closures without providing a specific reason.

The initial alert, sent via email on Monday morning, stated:

“This is an important message from the Monroe County Alert system. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Monroe County courts will be closing at noon today, July 1st, countywide. Please watch for updates on this situation.”

Despite efforts by local media, including the Bloomingtonian, to get further clarification from Monroe County Emergency Management, few responses were provided. Meanwhile, speculation circulated on social media platforms like Reddit, where users suggested a potential hacking incident, though these claims could not be independently verified.

On Tuesday, the situation prompted further inquiries from the Bloomingtonian and other media outlets. Monroe County Commissioners Administrator Angela Purdy eventually addressed the issue in an official statement:

“Monroe County Government has experienced a technological event that has made our servers currently inaccessible. This has affected most but not all our departments. The Sheriff’s office has shared there is no disruption of law enforcement services. We have elicited outside professional help, and we hope to be in better standing later this week. At this time, we are not commenting any further until a full analysis of our network and servers is complete. We apologize for this inconvenience to our community, our departments, our employees, and our vendors. When we have something available for sharing, we will provide that as soon as possible.”

As of now, the exact nature of the technological event remains unclear, and county officials have not confirmed whether the issue was the result of a cyberattack. The county’s silence on the specifics has left residents and local businesses anxious for more information.

This incident follows a recent trend of cyberattacks targeting various organizations. In the past two weeks, car dealerships across the United States experienced a similar disruption, forcing them to revert to manual operations after their computers were compromised.

Monroe County officials have assured the public that they are working diligently to resolve the issue and restore normal operations as soon as possible. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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