Bernie Sanders Outlines Path to Victory for Biden and Democrats in 2024

Written from press release

WASHINGTON, July 7, 2024 — In a press release Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) emphasized the importance of addressing the needs of the working class in a statement released today. Sanders outlined a platform he believes the Democratic Party and the Biden campaign must embrace to secure victory in the upcoming November elections.

“Addressing the needs of the working class is crucial for Biden and the Democrats to win this election,” Sanders stated. He emphasized the need to combat corporate greed and address massive income and wealth inequality. Sanders advocated for raising the minimum wage to a living wage, expanding Medicare to cover dental, vision, and hearing, and making the child tax credit permanent to lower childhood poverty.

Sanders also called for making the “very rich” pay their fair share into Social Security to expand benefits and extend its solvency. He urged the cancellation of medical debt and the construction of low-income and affordable housing to address the housing crisis.

“We need a strong agenda that benefits working families and not just wealthy campaign contributors,” Sanders said. He contrasted the Democrats’ potential platform with what he described as “Trump’s reactionary and xenophobic policies,” framing the election as a clear choice between change that benefits working families and a continuation of the status quo.

“The American people want change,” Sanders concluded. “Let’s do it.”

The statement reflects Sanders’ ongoing commitment to progressive policies and his belief that the Democratic Party must take bold action to win the support of working-class voters.

The statement did not address the ageism Biden is facing after a poor performance in a recent debate against the opposition, Donald J. Trump, or the number of Democrats who have turned on Biden, or the national media pundits which are almost entirely in concert with reports saying Biden should quit.

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