Indiana DNR Stocks Over 224,000 Striped and Hybrid Bass in State Lakes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 8, 2024) — The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) East Fork State Fish Hatchery has completed its annual stocking of striped bass and hybrid striped bass across 12 lakes in the state. This year’s effort saw more than 78,000 striped bass fingerlings and 146,000 hybrid striped bass fingerlings introduced into Indiana waters.

The fingerlings, each averaging 1–2 inches in length, were distributed among various lakes as follows:

  • Worster Lake (St. Joseph) – 3,270 hybrids
  • Cedar Lake (Lake) – 7,810 hybrids
  • Lake Shafer (White) – 12,910 hybrids
  • Nyona Lake (Fulton) – 1,040 hybrids
  • Lake Freeman (Carroll and White) – 15,470 hybrids
  • Clare Lake (Huntington) – 420 hybrids
  • Shadyside Park Lake (Madison) – 1,000 hybrids
  • Cecil M. Harden Lake (Parke) – 20,600 striped bass
  • Brookville Lake (Union and Franklin) – 46,667 striped bass
  • Monroe Lake (Monroe and Brown) – 53,750 hybrids
  • Hardy Lake (Scott) – 1,000 striped bass and 7,000 hybrids
  • Patoka Lake (Dubois, Crawford, and Orange) – 10,000 striped bass and 44,000 hybrids

Nathan Klein, District 4 Fisheries Biologist, emphasized that these stockings aim to ensure quality fishing opportunities for Indiana anglers in the years to come. The fish stocking program is part of the DNR’s ongoing efforts to enhance recreational fishing and maintain healthy fish populations in state lakes.

For more information on striped and hybrid striped bass fishing, enthusiasts can visit the DNR’s dedicated webpage at Details on purchasing a fishing license are available at

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