City of Bloomington Unveils New Interactive Light Installation by Esteban Garcia Bravo

Photos by Hadley Fruits – Provided by City of Bloomington

Written from press release

BLOOMINGTON, IN – July 9, 2024

The City of Bloomington, in collaboration with Downtown Bloomington, Inc., is excited to announce the installation of PRISMA, a new public art piece by artist Esteban Garcia Bravo. The unveiling ceremony will be held from 9-10 p.m. on Friday, July 12, at the south alley of the Fourth Street Garage. The event will feature music by local DJ Ian Sundstrom and live performances organized by The Back Door.

PRISMA is an interactive, immersive light installation designed to transform and energize urban spaces. The installation comprises three prisms that form an open-air tunnel, creating a dynamic, animated light experience as visitors move through it. This innovative piece aims to re-activate “invisible” urban areas, bringing a renewed sense of excitement and community engagement.

Originally created for the 2023 Exhibit Columbus architecture biennial in Columbus, Indiana, PRISMA’s re-installation in Bloomington continues the city’s collaboration with Exhibit Columbus. This installation is intended to enhance the sense of community and place for both residents and visitors of Bloomington.

“This second version of the PRISMA installation comes after a year of being presented at Exhibit Columbus in 2023,” said Garcia Bravo. “In this new installation for the City of Bloomington, we added an element of interactivity that was originally intended for this piece by creating a light tunnel that triggers different light sequences as participants walk through it. I would like to thank my collaborators for making this dream possible!”

Garcia Bravo’s work is already familiar to the Bloomington community, with his artwork Aurora Almanac installed in the Trades District Garage as part of the City’s One Percent for the Arts program.

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