Bloomington Police Arrest Man Who Stole 15k Bike After Cutting It Off Vehicle at Graduate Hotel

Written from court documents

Bloomington, IN (July 9, 2024)

A Bloomington man has been arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine and theft following the theft of a bicycle on July 7, 2024. Officer Casey Hofer of the Bloomington Police Department detailed the events leading to the arrest in a probable cause affidavit filed on July 9, 2024.

A male, 57, listed as unhoused, was taken into custody after police observed him riding a bicycle reported stolen earlier that day. The incident occurred at approximately 3:22 PM near 2440 S. Henderson St.

A BPD police officer, who was on patrol at the time, recognized the bicycle from a previous theft report and detained the suspect. After advising him of his Miranda Rights, the suspect admitted to stealing the bicycle from The Graduate Hotel on East Kirkwood Avenue during the early hours of July 7, 2024. He further confessed to cutting the cable that secured the bike to a vehicle at the hotel and provided several accessories belonging to it. The stolen bicycle is valued at $15,000, leading to a Level 6 felony charge for theft.

“I asked Douglas where he had gotten the bicycle. Douglas stated he had taken it from the bike rack near Crawford twenty minutes prior. I asked Douglas if he had ever used the bike before this, and Douglas stated that he had not. I showed Douglas a still of security camera footage of him riding the bike in Switchyard Park approximately 10 hours prior. It should be noted that Douglas was wearing the same clothes and hat as in the photograph. Douglas then informed me that he had stolen the bicycle from the Graduate Hotel last night.”

“I asked Douglas how he had retrieved the bike. Douglas informed me that he cut
the cable that had secured it. Douglas then provided me with several accessories
that also belong to the bike,” an investigating police officer wrote in a PC.

During the search incident to arrest, police discovered several smoking apparatuses in the suspect’s backpack, which he admitted were used for smoking methamphetamine. Additionally, a black plastic container found in the male’s left pants pocket contained a razor blade and a small plastic zip-lock bag with a clear crystalline substance. The suspect confirmed that the substance was methamphetamine, which weighed 1.45 grams.

The theft suspect is facing charges for possession of methamphetamine, also a Level 6 felony, in addition to the theft charge.

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