Questions Arise as George Clooney Calls for President Biden to Drop Out of 2024 Race Over Age Concerns

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WASHINGTON – July 11, 2024

During a recent bilateral meeting in the Oval Office with UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer, President Joe Biden faced questions regarding Democratic megadonor and Hollywood actor George Clooney’s editorial urging him to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race due to concerns over his age.

The press conference, which primarily focused on reinforcing the US-UK alliance and discussing NATO strategies, took an unexpected turn when a reporter asked President Biden for his response to Clooney’s editorial. The President did not address the question directly, instead, diverting attention to the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor federation.

Q Any response to George Clooney?




PRESIDENT BIDEN: AFL-CIO. A small operation.


PRESIDENT BIDEN: (Inaudible) what he said.

Clooney’s editorial, published in a leading news outlet, has sparked significant debate within the Democratic Party and beyond. The actor, known for his political activism and significant financial contributions to the Democratic Party, expressed concern that President Biden, at 81 years old, may not be the best candidate to lead the party to victory in the next election. Clooney argued that younger leadership might better reflect the dynamic needs and diverse demographics of the American electorate.

This call for Biden to step aside has added to the ongoing discourse about age and leadership capabilities, especially as Biden aims to secure a second term. Clooney’s stature and influence as a major Democratic donor amplify the editorial’s impact, making it a focal point of political discussions.

President Biden’s bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Starmer also celebrated the strength of the US-UK relationship. The two leaders discussed various topics, including NATO’s future and the significance of closer European ties. However, the lingering question about Biden’s age and Clooney’s pointed remarks cast a shadow over the otherwise optimistic meeting.

Political analysts suggest that Clooney’s editorial could embolden other prominent figures within the party to voice similar concerns. This development may pressure the Biden campaign to address the issue more directly and outline how the President plans to tackle the rigors of another term.

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