Black Market historical marker placed in Peoples Park

A historical marker with the history of the Black Market, which once stood at the site…

MCCSC schools to begin online teaching August 12th

Dozens of community members and teachers lined both sides of E. Miller and held protest signs…

Ribbon cut at crisis diversion center

Gallery: Thousands march downtown for George Floyd

Gallery: Monroe County – Indiana Primary Cumulative Election Results

Gallery: Primary 2020 in Monroe County

Polling sites in Monroe County were consolidated to 7 sites for the 2020 presidential election year…

Gallery: Socially-distant Earth Day rally on the square

Gallery: Students hold socially distant parade for teacher to tell her they miss her

Indiana National Guard assists Pantry 279

Members of the Indiana National Guard, who have been activated during thew COVID-19/Coronavirus emergency helped volunteers…

Gallery: Pantry 279 Saturday